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CosaLinda stands for high-quality jewelry that is made by hand in Colombia and using natural materials. When producing the jewelry, particular attention is paid to fair employment conditions for the women and men who make the jewelry. Through this work, we support many families who can generate a basis for their existence and a corresponding income. This work also preserves and maintains the traditional craftsmanship from various regions in Colombia .

When selecting the materials, care is taken to ensure that they are sustainable and natural. The focus is on materials from Colombia's nature, such as palm leaf fibers or raw emeralds, which are mined under strictly regulated conditions.

My name is Maria Paula Calderon and I am originally from Colombia. For me it is a great fulfillment with CosaLinda, on the one hand, to bring beautiful pieces of jewelry to Switzerland, and on the other hand, to be able to support many people in Colombia directly and indirectly.

Let yourself be inspired. If you have any questions, I'm happy to help at any time.


Maria Paula Calderon

Maria Paula Calderon

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