The Colombian brand Bamboleira was founded in 2015 by Natalia Sanchez. This brand revives the craftsmanship of the "Wounaan", an indigenous people from the Choco region on the Colombian Pacific coast. The Wounaan were expelled from their homeland during the civil war in 2003 and were relocated to Bogota. Thanks to Bamboleira, the women of this community have a job and the opportunity to keep this craft alive and develop it further. All jewelry is made by hand and many of them are decorated with a thin thread made from the Werregue palm. The threads are dyed by hand and then lovingly processed until the unique piece of jewelry is finished. The items made by the approximately 20 women are therefore all unique pieces, made by hand with a lot of dedication.
Malik Necklace
Regular priceSFr. 229.00
  • Natural
  • Orange
Malik Bangle in Natural and Black
Regular priceSFr. 139.00
  • Natural/Black
  • Pink/Orange
Pescadora Earring
Regular priceSFr. 159.00
  • Natural
  • Pink/Orange
  • Turquoise
Ring Magdalena Maxi
Regular priceSFr. 109.00
  • Soft Pink/ Peach
  • Pink/Orange
Bracelet Juaca Dorada
Regular priceSFr. 89.00
  • Black
  • Natural
  • rose
  • Bordeaux
  • Grey

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